1175 main street, hingham, ma 02043



"We are so happy, so grateful, and can't wait for your visit. What you've given us is (many) a dream come true.”


K&W McM, Duxbury


"Thanks Nancy and Roger. We are thrilled! The flow is terrific, the girls love their rooms, the kitchen is amazing and the outside looks awesome. Thank you for your thoughtful design. The contractor did a great job and was really patient with us…highly recommend him for future opportunities."


K&C W, Cohasset


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know, again, how much we are enjoying our house! I hosted Nora's baby playgroup for the first time yesterday and instead of discussing feeding schedules and how to get the babies to nap, all the moms wanted to talk about the entire time was my house! The perfect mudroom! The wonderful light the rooms get! The beautiful woodwork and details! The stunning wood floors! Thank you again for helping us transform our home!"


K & C. H., Hingham


"We are thrilled with our house. It feels like vacation every time we come home!”


L.K., Hull


“I also wanted to thank you and Roger once again for helping us to create and actually accomplish our new house. It is so very beautiful I cannot quite believe it, and get tears in my eyes as I walk about. We moved in day before yesterday, … I am writing from my study as the sun comes up, and thinking of you both; how grateful I am for the design and help and advice you gave us along the way. Everything about it

is just perfect for our family!”


A.K. & J.F., Hull


“Roger and Nancy, Watching the house take shape, we are both grateful and appreciative of your skill and aesthetic sense. Thank you so much for this

beautiful house in the making.”


B.K. and P.M., Hingham


“Hi Nancy and Roger, I keep meaning to write, but things get quite busy around here. We were thinking of you over Christmas because we had a wonderful holiday season in our "new" house. Every day I marvel at the design-the house is just the right size-plenty of room, but no room goes unused."


"It is also just a beautiful place to live. The mud room with bathroom is a Godsend. You really made our lives so much better. Having four little boys is a lot less difficult because of the design you made just for our family and our needs.”


M. and J.B. Hingham, MA


“Our house is the most amazing home I have ever seen. Every day I walk downstairs, I am in awe that this is actually my home. Everyone who has been through this home has done an excellent job. The finish work is amazing … Its a win/win for all of

us really!!”


"This house is so beautiful and beyond my expectations in terms of quality and aesthetics. Your oversight on this property and of course the design work is impeccable. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you on this project. Thank you so very much- for everything and most of all, your friendship."


C.D.L. and S.R. Hingham, MA


"Nancy and Roger, Peter and I were enjoying a quiet dinner on our porch last night and remarking on how perfect our house is for us. You were the perfect choice of architectural team for us and our quirky old house. You listened to what we wanted and worked with us until we got it right. We look forward to having you over sometime this fall to enjoy a relaxing chat by the fire and a nice meal."


M.S.P. Cohasset, MA


“We are so excited! We've really enjoyed watching and being part of the process. We love how it has come together and all the wonderful spaces. The house and roof lines are beautiful too. You mentioned in the early design process that you drove through the neighborhood to create a house that fits in. It blends beautifully, like it has always been there. Another month and we'll be watching the sunset from the deck.”


L.K. Hull, MA


“We can’t thank you enough. Our objective to restore the home in keeping with the surrounding neighborhood near the Square in historic downtown Hingham has been a resounding success! You are both a treasure to us and to the town of Hingham. Two years after your renovation of our home and we are even more delighted than ever. It accommodated family over the holidays with comfort and style!”


M.B. Hingham, MA


“Thanks for the wonderful home! We have moved right in. The construction was an adventure and we liked being a part of it. We learned a lot about home building!


A.M.K. Weston, MA


“I want to personally thank you and Roger for all of the work you have done for us. You made this process much easier than I ever would have anticipated and your professionalism was recognized and truly appreciated. I will definitely miss working with you both.”


E.D. Pembroke, MA


“We have benefited from your genius, professionalism and welcoming personalities”.


G.R. Cohasset, MA


“We’re moving in today… the house is beautiful and I feel like a queen!”


M.B. Hingham, MA


“Roger and Nancy, thank you for our beautiful home. Of all the many homes we have built or remodeled this was the best experience of all. Your gift for design and professionalism made it so. Thank you for everything from the bottom of

our hearts!”


A.L. & B.L. Hingham, MA


“You have taken such care in your projects to preserve and bring forth what is best about New England architecture.”


C.C. Old Forge, NY


“The whole experience was great fun, and the result is one of the nicest houses on the Cape, without a doubt. We have happily survived one hurricane so far and numerous violent nor-easters. The house is as delightful in mid-winter as it is in high summer. And it "works" - whether we are on our own or have a houseful. I can truthfully say that there is nothing I would change (and nothing has been changed for us by the elements).


Roger and Nancy have a rather endearing characteristic not shared by most of the English architects I know - they actually listen to what the client wants and needs. So sign them up before they get too busy -- you will never regret it!”

E.S. Chatham, MA

and Oxford, England


“The project has far exceeded our expectations – we love how it turned out!”


E.M. Hingham, MA


"You were very responsive to our needs, and extremely knowledgeable about historic homes while fully appreciating the needs of modern living." …from here on out, the presence of you and Roger will reside in the house. Such is the marvel

of architecture.”


A.C. Hingham, MA


“Thank you again so much! You did exactly what we wanted - a beautiful new home that captures the view and provides a more up-to-date and practical way of living without changing the house so much on the outside that we don't fit in with the look of the rest of the neighborhood. How you took what we were thinking and put it

on paper .. incredible!”


M.C.B. Hingham, MA


“Roger and Nancy, thank you so much for turning our house into a beautiful, much-loved home. Your talent, expertise and guidance were much appreciated!  Plus, we hope to be lifelong friends!"

C.P. & T.P., Hingham, MA



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